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Telehealth Medicine for Low T Symptoms

With the emergence of the novel coronavirus, which causes the disease COVID-19, there is an urgent need to expand the use of technology for routine, primary care services. Not only is Telehealth essential for helping those with mild symptoms of the corona virus, it’s also vital for anyone who needs medical attention for routine care and/or unrelated (and non-life-threatening) symptoms. Telehealth keeps more people safe at home and slows down the rate of COVID-19 infection.

Telehealth medicine for acute care and other healthcare needs

In addition to providing routine health care and treating mild symptoms of the corona or other viruses, Telehealth medicine is also a safe and effective tool for those suffering from chronic conditions, Low T or symptoms of menopause. It allows people to stay home, stay safe and receive quality care. Primary care physicians can monitor symptom progression, adjust medications and modify treatment plans as needed and without asking patients to come to the office.

Additional benefits of telehealth medicine include:

  • Less chance of catching a new illness
    When you have the option and ability to stay home and receive the care you need, you avoid the risk of exposure as well as the chance that you’ll pass on an illness to someone else.
  • No transportation cost or time
    When you can talk to your doctor remotely, you eliminate the risk of missing an appointment due to traffic. You also save money on parking, gas or public transportation.
  • No need to take time away from work, children or elders
    When you schedule your visit during a work break, or before or after work (or while upholding family responsibilities), you can maintain your health without missing a day of work, using paid time off or paying for someone to care for your loved ones in your absence.
  • Easier access to specialists
    Telemedicine makes it easier for your primary care doctor to leverage the expertise of specialists who are not nearby.
  • Better health
    The convenience of fingertip access to your doctor allows you to better manage chronic health conditions, lifestyle and medications.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can receive quality Telehealth medicine from SynergenX, call 877-915-2554. As always, we prioritize optimal health, safety and infection control. We’re dedicated to optimizing our care protocols and taking specific measures to protect you, your family, our employees and the communities we serve.

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