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Special Offers

The only thing better than reinvigorating your life to feel great and look amazing? Saving money while you do it. Here is where the caring, experienced wellness professionals here at SynergenX will keep you posted about special offers and great savings on our programs designed to change how you feel…for the best!

$25 Low T Test

Tired? Unmotivated? Losing muscle mass or experiencing hair loss? These may be signs of a decrease in testosterone, a key hormone that affects many aspects of a man’s life. Find out if you have Low T with a $25 Low T test from SynergenX. Call 888.219.7259 today to schedule your exam!

Complimentary B12 with Flu Shot

FLU Season lasts until May. If it’s your first shot, or a booster, don’t wait. Get yours today for only $25 and NOW with a COMPLIMENTARY B-12 injection! Offer valid for current patients. Not a patient? No problem. Valid while supplies last!

For more information about our offers of savings, or to schedule an appointment, call 888.219.7259. You can also schedule an appointment using our easy online form.

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