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Reduced sex drive (men)

As the primary hormone found in men, testosterone plays a crucial role in male health, particularly sexual health. Studies have shown a direct connection between testosterone and sex drive. If one is low, chances are good that the other one is low, as well. In fact, 4 out of 10 men over the age of 45 suffer from Low T, and the majority report having a decreased libido, often referred to as low sex drive. This is not an easy thing for men to confront or talk about, of course. We all know libido is a big part of manhood, but it can be hard to admit it when you’re struggling in that area. The important thing to remember, though, is that low sex drive can affect men of all ages and all testosterone levels. Also, the cause is often emotional or psychological as much as it is physiological. The bottom line is that having a low sex drive is a common experience caused by a variety of issues, many of which can be cured with the right attitude and the right approach.

When it comes to your testosterone levels, specifically, the challenge is holistic. Low T effects more than just your libido – your energy levels, your mood, and your weight can also take a hit. But here’s the thing: your energy, mood and weight all play a role in your sex drive, so it’s basically inevitable that Low T will eventually lower your libido in one way or another. Whether it’s the cumulative effect of multiple symptoms, or the direct target of your decreased testosterone levels, a low sex drive appears in the majority of Low T cases.

Does Low Testosterone cause low libido?

Yes, having Low Testosterone will often have a negative impact on your libido. You may find yourself feeling less attracted to your significant other or less aroused by the idea of sex, in general. When you hit puberty, your testosterone production kicks into hyperdrive; as you age, your body starts to produce less, and men of a certain age start to report less interest in sex than they had before. While some people can accept a lower sex drive as a natural part of the aging process, others – particularly younger men who have experienced a sudden loss of libido, or older men who are not yet ready to throw in the towel – find it disruptive to their lives.

Ways to fix a low sex drive

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) can give you the added jolt your libido is lacking. Consider it a sex drive booster. You will feel better, have more energy, and experience a renewed interest in sex on par with how you felt during your younger, more virile years. SynergenX has the tools you need to get your sex life back on track. TRT is the best way to get you back in the saddle, but there are some healthy, natural lifestyle changes that also play a crucial role in the overall process. They are:

  • Reduce your alcohol intake. Anyone who was single in their twenties can tell you that having too much to drink impacts sexual performance. If you find yourself having more than two drinks per day, limit your consumption, and your libido will increase as a result.
  • Get rid of your stress. Sometimes it doesn’t matter where your testosterone levels sit – too much stress will affect your libido regardless. Try meditation or other relaxation exercises to remove any undue emotional weight from your mind and use the newfound space to reenergize your sex drive.
  • Focus on your diet. This probably goes without saying, but too much fatty food will leave you feeling sluggish, which does your sex drive zero favors. Focus on proteins and complex carbs, as well as fruits – studies find that fruits high in flavonoids (apples, grapes) created a 14% reduction to the risk of low libido.
  • Improve your exercise. Working out can fix a lot of issues, including your weight, lack of energy, and stress. It also helps in the bedroom. Increased blood flow and endurance are natural libido boosters, and exercise is the best way to achieve both. If your current regiment isn’t deliver the results you need, switch things up (maybe focus on cardio); if you aren’t exercising at all, start taking a long morning walk and figure out a plan to be more active.

If you try these things together with comprehensive and safe TRT from SynergenX, you will start to feel the impact of treatment within several weeks as well as a boost to your sex drive. Maintaining healthy testosterone levels requires multiple levels of care. It’s all about pursuing a proactive lifestyle and making the right choices for your body and mind. SynergenX is dedicated to helping maintain your health, vitality, and – of course – virility.

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