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While SynergenX and our dedicated healthcare professionals are focused on helping you feel and look great through hormone replacement (particularly testosterone), weight loss, and related services, what we’re really committed to is you. Your health. Your well-being. How you feel. Your quality of life. Because these are what are most important. In fact, this commitment is the very reason we are so specialized.

In order to do what is most appropriate and effective for you, we have dedicated ourselves to offering the right services, developing unique efficiencies offered by few (if any) other providers, and taking a truly personalized approach.

Here are some of the ways we prove that you are the reason for—and the centerpiece of—everything we do:

  • Comprehensive, holistic approach – To understand and best help you, we look at the whole picture of what’s going on with you. This means symptoms, history, concerns and goals as well as diet, exercise, sleep quality, bloodwork and hormone levels.
  • Monitoring and adjusting – To minimize risks and maximize the effectiveness of care, we continually evaluate your symptoms and blood chemistry…and we vary your treatment as needed for best results.
  • Fast, efficient and convenient – Besides having 19 locations, SynergenX offers the convenience of moving quickly. We’ve developed the protocols and processes to be as detailed and efficient as possible so you can feel great fast!
  • Patient education – We know the best results come from informed decisions, good compliance with treatment, and awareness of the risks. You’ll always know what to expect, what to keep up with and what to watch for.
  • Real people who care – Our hearts are in this, and you’ll always know it. We listen to you carefully. We treat you with honesty, kindness and respect. And we’re committed to doing what’s best—not “in general” but specifically in your best interests.

Today, we’re proud that most of our patients come from the referral from other patients—people who have trusted and benefited from our care. We’re also proud that so many are living reinvigorated, happy, productive and fulfilling lives…all while feeling great!

To schedule an appointment, call 888.219.7259. You can also request an appointment using our easy online form.

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