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What to Expect Before and After TRT

Testosterone is the most important male hormone for sexual and reproductive development. Not only is it responsible for sperm production and regulation of sex drive, it also regulates bone mass, fat distribution, muscle mass and strength and the production of red blood cells. Testosterone levels naturally decrease after age 30. But when they drop too low, it can leave you feeling like a shell of your former self.

If you are a man experiencing symptoms related to Low T—such as reduced muscle mass and sex drive, fatigue, or hair loss—the skilled specialists at SynergenX want to help you feel strong, vigorous, and energetic again. Our individualized testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is carefully designed to treat your unique hormone insufficiencies and imbalances safely and effectively.

What to expect before and after TRT treatment

If you’re considering TRT, it’s important to understand what to expect before and after treatment. Here is some helpful information:

  • Before beginning TRT treatment, your doctor or specialist will need to determine your overall health. Here are common tests your doctor may order before beginning any hormone replacement therapy:
    • A bone-density scan
    • Prostate cancer screen
    • Sleep apnea
    • Hematocrit measurement (percentage of red blood cells in your blood). If you have a hematocrit above 54, a significantly enlarged prostate, poorly controlled heart failure, severe sleep apnea, or plan to have children, TRT is not recommended.
  • After TRT treatment begins to stabilize your hormone levels, you may begin to notice the benefits of therapy, including:
    • Increased libido
    • Increased muscle mass
    • Increased ability to build muscle easily
    • Increased energy levels
    • Improved mood

If you’re considering testosterone replacement therapy, contact SynergenX at 888-219-7259, or visit Texas TRT. We continually monitor your testosterone levels and evaluate them in the context of key markers (e.g., sleep quality, sex drive, etc.). Our unique program tailors your dose to your individual needs and varies it as needed to achieve optimal results.

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