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Is Sex Better With Testosterone Therapy Treatments

More than two million men receive testosterone therapy in the United States each year. Testosterone is the primary sex hormone in men. It is responsible for maintaining muscle growth, bone density, adequate fat distribution, heart health and libido, as well as promoting the production of red blood cells.

In addition to causing physical changes, low levels of testosterone can affect you on an emotional level. In fact, depression has been linked to men with Low Testosterone, which may be the result of irritability, decreased sex drive and fatigue.

What are testosterone therapy treatments?

Testosterone therapy treatments help restore testosterone hormone levels to normal levels for optimal health and well being. Here are four common ways to take testosterone, including:

  • Topical
    Transdermal (topical) treatments include gels, creams, liquids and patches and the effects last for about four days.
  • Injections
    Injections are typically given weekly, biweekly or monthly, depending on your unique needs.
  • Pellet
    Pellet therapy is a unique option for men who travel frequently and are unable to receive regular injections. Once implanted under the skin, these tiny pellets of crystallized testosterone slowly dissolve (over a period of three to four months) to deliver a steady, low dose of testosterone.
  • Patches
    Patches can be placed on the back, stomach, upper arm or thigh. The skin absorbs the testosterone, which is slowly released into the bloodstream.
  • Intranasal
    This form of testosterone is a gel that is sprayed into each nostril three times a day.

How do testosterone therapy treatments affect my sex life?

TRT may help restore your ability to have healthy erections and can boost your sex drive. When you replace your lost testosterone, you reactivate androgen receptors in your brain that control desire. In fact, regaining a healthy sex drive is one of the biggest benefits of testosterone replacement therapy. In addition to increased libido, TRT can possibly make your erections more satisfying, too.

The medical providers at SynergenX have the ability to restore testosterone levels the natural way so you can be more youthful, energetic, vital and virile.

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