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Diabetes and Weight Loss: It’s Not You, It’s Your Hormones

Insulin is a hormone created in the pancreas that enables cells to use glucose. When the body doesn’t make enough insulin, or uses it incorrectly, a person is considered diabetic. Diabetics can inject man-made insulin to help control their blood sugar. A normal side effect of taking insulin is weight gain. This is especially true for women experiencing menopause and men with Low T.

How does menopause affect diabetes and weight loss?

Changes in your hormone levels before, during and after menopause can trigger fluctuations in your blood sugar levels. If your blood sugar gets out of control, you have a higher risk for diabetes complications, like weight gain.  

How does Low T affect diabetes and weight loss?

Men with diabetes are more likely to have Low Testosterone, which can lead to an increase in body fat (especially around the waist).  

How can I manage my hormones, diabetes and weight loss?

Whether you’re dealing with the negative and uncomfortable side effects of menopause or Low T, the skilled specialists at SynergenX Health can help. We specialize in individualized hormone replacement therapy for men and women to treat your symptoms and help stabilize your hormones. If you are diabetic, our treatments can help restore energy levels and lift your mood so you can focus on improving your diabetes and achieving your weight loss goals with these tips:

  • Stick to a schedule to help keep your blood sugar levels steady. It’s important to eat regular meals and stay active.
  • Maintain a consistent, healthy diet of smaller meals 5-6 times per day to help keep your appetite, blood sugar and weight under control.
  • Exercise regularly, at least 30 minutes per day, to maintain muscle and burn more calories. Exercise not only decreases insulin resistance, it also accelerates glucose uptake into the muscles (rather than fat).

If you or a loved one is struggling to find a safe and effective way to not only manage your hormones, but also your diabetes and weight loss goals, the skilled specialists at SynergenX health can help. Call 877-915-2554.

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