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How to Increase Female Libido After 40

As a woman reaches her 40thbirthday, she may start to notice changes in her body like unintentional weight gain, emotional changes and sleep issues. Although these changes can be worrisome, they are a normal part of aging. In fact, many women aged 40 and over are unknowingly beginning to experience symptoms of perimenopause.

What is perimenopause?

Perimenopause or pre-menopause is the transitional period when a woman’s ovaries begin to make less estrogen. Estrogen, the main female sex hormone, begins to rise and fall unevenly throughout perimenopause and continues until she reaches menopause.

How does estrogen affect sexual desire?

Low levels of estrogen can have a big impact on your libido. You may experience vaginal dryness, which can lead to painful intercourse, unstable mood patterns and sleep issues. 

How can I increase my sexual desire after 40?

Here is your two-minute guide to increasing your libido after 40:

  • Exercise
    Staying physically active is essential for boosting ‘feel-good’ hormones and libido because it raises hormone levels, improves muscle mass and boosts energy.
  • Eat well
    Eating a healthy diet that’s high in protein and low in carbohydrates will help you lose unwanted weight and boost your libido.
  • Rest
    Boost your energy and sex drive by getting between seven to nine hours of sleep each night, or a taking quick nap during the day to recharge.
  • Lubricate
    Lower levels of estrogen lead to vaginal dryness and painful intercourse. Try over-the-counter water- or silicone-based lubricants to reduce friction and discomfort or talk to your doctor about a low-dose vaginal estrogen cream, suppository or ring.
  • Hormone replacement therapy (HRT)
    HRT is used to help balance or replace the estrogen and progesterone that has been lost during menopause, which helps restore sexual desire.

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