What is Botox Cosmetic Surgery?

We all get them eventually: Wrinkles. Some people start to notice them around the eyes and mouth as early as their 30s. Can you avoid them? No. But there is an effective way to make them less noticeable, with Botox. Here’s the great news about Botox: It isn’t cosmetic surgery, but it is an effective … Continued

Should I Consider Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Testosterone is essentially the hormone that makes the man. In developing male characteristics, it gives men a deeper voice, larger muscles, and facial and body hair. Testosterone also factors into sperm production, fuels libido, aids in red blood cell generation, boosts mood and supports cognition. As you can probably imagine, having low testosterone, or low-T, … Continued

Why is Hormone Replacement Therapy Used?

With age, both men and women may experience many of the same hormone-related problems. Hormones are messengers that help regulate and coordinate many activities throughout the body like sexual function, metabolism, tissue function, stress responses, mood and sleep.   What is hormone replacement therapy? Hormone replacement therapy is a medical treatment that helps restore the … Continued