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Mental and Physical Benefits of TRT

TRT treatments are fast, easy and can completely transform your life, but don’t just take our word for it. If you or a loved one is struggling with the symptoms of Low T and considering TRT treatments—keep reading. Here are three amazing stories of how TRT helped restore mental health and physical wellness in these men’s lives.


When Jordan came to SynergenX, he was 32 years old and experiencing depression, low energy, low sex drive, muscle loss and chronic fatigue. He was diagnosed with Low T after a quick 30-minute blood test and decided to begin treatments right away. After a few weeks on TRT therapy, he and his wife were elated with the results.

Jordan says TRT is one of the easiest medical treatments to receive and it’s life changing, “I feel like me again.”


Jason loves fitness and has been a gym regular for years, but wasn’t feeling like he was reaching his full potential anymore. He didn’t feel as strong as he expected and was struggling with fatigue. When he came to SynergenX he was diagnosed with Low T. Once he began TRT therapy he says he started to feel better almost immediately. His says his strength has returned and he feels more youthful, “Thanks to SynergenX, I look and feel great.”


Eric came to SynergenX because he was struggling with low energy, low libido, lack of motivation and sleep issues. As an avid golfer and loving husband these were problems he couldn’t simply ignore. He was quickly diagnosed with Low T and decided to begin TRT therapy. He’s happy with his results and says, “Thanks to treatments at SynergenX, I’m back in the game.”

If you’re interested in learning more about TRT or beginning treatments, we’re ready to help you build your own TRT before and after success story. Call SynergenX at 888-219-7259 and schedule an appointment today.

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