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Body Composition Analysis and Weight Loss

Weight loss is vital to looking great, feeling great and—most importantly—your health. But it isn’t just about how much you weigh.

Your body mass and composition play a role in your weight—and weight loss.

Most people are aware of body mass index (BMI), which is a measure of body fat based on the relationship of your weight to your height. It’s important to realize that BMI does not directly measure body fat, though it does correlate to direct metrics of body fat. It’s also a simple, cost-effective alternative to these direct metrics. But at SynergenX, while we use BMI as part of our weight management program, we don’t stop there.

Body composition analysis (BCA) informs and tracks a quality weight management program.

To tailor a weight loss or weight management program for any individual, information is power. That’s why we’re concerned not just with BMI but with a comprehensive analysis of your body’s composition. Only then can our dedicated medical professionals thoroughly understand your body and its response to diet, exercise and lifestyle.

Before developing a weight loss program, we perform a complete body composition analysis (BCA). We measure not just body mass but lean mass, fat mass, dry lean mass, body fat percentage and water—both inside and outside of the cells.

Using advanced BCA for painless, fast, reliable information that’s needed.

SynergenX uses an advanced system to noninvasively, painlessly and quickly measure fat, muscle and total body water. Using electrical impedance, in under a minute we can go beyond traditional BCA techniques. We get information about visceral fat (fat surrounding organs), can identify inflammation and swelling, and determine how many pounds of lean mass are in each segment of your body. Better yet, we can track how specific diet and exercise affects body composition in different areas of the body.

Normally, body composition is calculated using formula. But our method directly measures body composition, providing reliable information that we use to ensure the success of your weight loss program so you can look and feel terrific!

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