Taking—and Keeping—It Off: Testosterone Weight Loss

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) leads to weight loss in obese, testosterone-deficient men, though some may experience initial weight gain due to water retention. Once your body adjusts to the change, it will promote muscle growth, increase the number of calories burned and improve the symptoms of metabolic syndrome. Testosterone and weight loss At SynergenX we … Continued

You Asked and SynergenX Answered: What Is HGH for Men? Discover the Hormones That Are Key to Looking and Feeling Great

Human growth hormone (HGH) is a naturally occurring hormone produced by the pituitary gland. It can help speed healing following an injury and repair muscle tissue after exercise. It can also help build muscle mass, boost metabolism, burn fat and treat age-related conditions. For men with low levels of HGH, synthetic HGH is available as … Continued

If Your New Year’s Resolution Includes Getting on a TRT Plan—Discover the Solution Thousands of Men Swear By

Testosterone replacement therapy, or TRT, is a unique type of hormone replacement therapy designed to restore testosterone to healthy levels in men. At SynergenX, we offer carefully designed, individual treatment protocols to ensure you’re getting optimal results and maximum safety. Our Low T treatment helps: Enhance energy levels Improve libido Increase motivation and confidence Support … Continued

Searching for a ‘Men’s T Clinic Near Me’? SynergenX Has 15 Locations Across Two States—Chances Are There’s One Near You!

SynergenX Health is your home for skilled, compassionate testosterone therapy and ED treatment in 15 convenient Texas locations including McKinney and North Park in Dallas; Woodlands, Kingwood, Vintage Park, Katy, Galleria, Cypress, and Sugar Land in Houston; Northwest, North East and Sonterra, San Antonio; plus our Burr Ridge clinic in Illinois. Our clinic offers a … Continued

Night Sweats: Causes and Treatments in Men and Women

Do you ever wake up at night drenched in sweat? Night sweats is a term used to describe excessive sweating during the night that soaks through your pajamas or bed sheets. While significant perspiration during sleep can be uncomfortable or even embarrassing, having the occasional bout of night sweats is usually nothing to worry about. … Continued

Sex and Weight Loss: The Role Hormones Play As We Age

As you age, your body produces hormones differently—some may increase while others decrease. These fluctuations can lead to physiological, physical and emotional changes that affect your energy, vitality and virility. Hormonal imbalances can also cause unwanted weight gain and make it more difficult to lose weight. How do hormones affect sex? As men age, they … Continued

Decreased Libido After 40: A Woman’s Two-Minute Guide to Better Sex

As a woman reaches her 40thbirthday, she may start to notice changes in her body like unintentional weight gain, emotional changes and sleep issues. Although these changes can be worrisome, they are a normal part of aging. In fact, many women aged 40 and over are unknowingly beginning to experience symptoms of perimenopause. What is … Continued