How Restylane Can Reduce the Appearance of Wrinkles

How Restylane Can Reduce the Appearance of Wrinkles

by Natalie (SU)

As it turns out, theres a fine line between discovering the fountain of youth & accepting the reality that one must age. Some people forego their rights to dye their hair upon first sight of a gray, and accept each new smile line on their face a sign of all the laughter theyve shared over the years. Others search endlessly for a way to stop the clock, enlisting the use of night creams, spa treatments, and more outlandish techniques, such as facial needling. Whether you fall into one camp or the other, the reality is that we all want to look our best, because that is when we feel our best. There is nothing wrong with a little fine tuning in the name of a self-confidence boost.


A study published with The National Institutes of Health stated that even when the skin has not reached full maturity, the epidermis (or outer layer of the skin) starts to lose the chemical that binds and attracts H2O molecules. This results in a decrease in moisture, which ultimately leads to stark changes in the appearance of the skin.


Made from Hyaluronic acid (HA), Restylane is a clear injectable gel, or filler”, that is excellent for smoothing wrinkles and folds, and augmenting less-than-pouty lips. Administered by your Dermatologist or neighborhood MedSpa, it offers a natural-looking aesthetic boost, and that plump and dewy appearance so many of us desire. According to, the filler is so popular over 30 million treatments have already been administered worldwide, with its popularity steadily increasing.


While Restylane cant promise to leave you with movie star looks and an overnight transformation, it can certainly do wonders for your skin restoring skin contours and reversing the effects of genetics, stress, environmental pollution, and even sleeping positions. Plus, it reduces the need for excessive makeup to disguise wrinkles; cosmetics tend to settle into fine lines making skin damage appear more pronounced.


In 2017, Galderma, the company that produces Restylane, announced the launch of two new fillers Refyne and Defyne, designed to treat pesky laugh lines. Both feature cutting-edge technology cleverly called XpresHAn, which eliminates the artificial, motionless expression so many people associate with the less advanced fillers of yester-year.


Are there any downsides to this remarkable filler? While there are always minimal risks (such as infection at the site) involved with any injection, Restylane is proven to be very safe. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, it received an official green light from the FDA in 2003, and according to, was approved for use on the deep dermis in 2010. Because its molecular makeup is consistent with the bodys naturally-occurring Hyaluronic acid, it is safe for most people, showing very minimal side effects and allergic reactions.


Dont like to spend a lot of time in the Doctors chair? Youre in luck; minimally-invasive Restylane injections require little to no downtime and zero surgery, so youll get back to work & life looking like a fresh-faced version of your former self. Best of all, the results from the injections can keep wrinkles at bay for up to one year, or longer. 


Like many, you may be curious to find a surgical alternative to more invasive procedures. Ask your health professional about RestylaneÒ, or pay a visit to the experienced professionals at SynergenX Health. A full-service MedSpa offering a wide range of aesthetic services, SynergenX has everything you need to eradicate fine lines once and for all.


If you know someone who looks like theyve had a little pick-me-up, or appears more fresh-faced than you remember, they may have started experimenting with fillers. Time can be on your side, too; discover Restylane and you may just find your Fountain of Youth. Call 1 (877) 915-2554 today, or schedule a free consultation at SynergenX Health.