Surprising Reasons to Get Botox

Surprising Reasons to Get Botox

by Natalie (SU)

More Surprising Botox Treatment Uses

The first one was discovered by a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who noted that after receiving Botox injections to reduce facial wrinkles, his patients reported a reduction in headaches and chronic migraines. After rigorous testing and multiple studies, the FDA approved Botox for the treatment of certain kinds of headaches.

The FDA also approved Botox for the treatment of crossed eyes, medically known as strabismus, a condition in which the eyes are not in alignment with one another, or synched to the same movement. This disorder effects roughly 4% of the population, and outside of surgery, few other treatments have been found to be effective.

Other FDA-approved Botox uses include Botox treatments for overactive bladder, and excessive sweating (severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis) in areas like the underarms, feet, and hands. While not a common disorder, the relief of excessive sweating can help those affected live more normal lives, without the embarrassment and social stigma that accompanies excessive sweating.

Botox injections are also used for a painful disorder known as cervical dystonia, which causes severe, even debilitating pain and neck contortions. There are many other Botox treatments that are not yet FDA approved, that may soon be, including Botox treatment for painful sex, premature ejaculation, cleft lip scars in babies (Botox may allow muscles to relax so the cleft can heal), severally cold hands (to relax the muscles that are constricting blood flow), depression, and many others.

Of course, the most common uses of Botox are related to aesthetics because it is quite effective for the treatment of fine lines, mild to moderate creases and laugh lines. Botox, like all treatments, does carry some risks, however it is overall considered both safe and effective when properly administered by a qualified medical provider. At SynergenX Health, we know you want to feel good about the way you look. That’s why we offer advanced aesthetic products and treatments to help you put your best face forward. After all, you deserve it.

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