More About BellaFill

More About BellaFill

by Natalie (SU)

Get Beautiful, Lasting Results

Bellafill® is based on breakthrough medical technology that adds volume under sunken areas to lift and fill in the deep lines. Deep lines and acne scars that can make you appear older, less attractive and more tired. In clinical trials, Bellafill® was found to be effective for smoothing pock marks, deep acne scars, and laugh lines in double blind studies. Because Bellafill® is not reabsorbed by the body the way other dermal fillers typically are, the results are permanent. Some patients did experience slight bruising or mild swelling, but these were resolved within a few days and did not reoccur.

The results are instantaneous, too. You can literally walk in with pock marks, deep laugh and smile lines, and then walk out with younger, fresher and smoother looking skin. Instead of absorbing the gel, your body uses it to create a cellular scaffolding that continues to support the volume created by Bellafill®.

The secrets behind this medical marvel are known as microspheres, which are suspended in a collagen gel. The collagen filler binds with polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), which creates a permanent support structure to hold the collagen in place over time. Bellafill® has outperformed other gels and fillers in longevity, patient satisfaction, and safety. Even after 5 years, over 83% of patients were still pleased with their results, and that is saying something.

You do not have to live with pock marks and smile lines any more. It’s important to feel good on the inside, but you can feel good on the outside as well. Isn’t it time to do something just for you?  If you, or a loved one would like to know more about Bellafill®, or any of our advanced services and products, please call us at (833) 387-6737 today, or use our convenient online form. At SynergenX Health, we provide sophisticated care for hormone replacement, weight management, as well as cosmetic and other aesthetic services.