BMI/BCI Body Mass Index and Body Composition Analysis

BMI/BCI Body Mass Index and Body Composition Analysis

by Yenny (SU)

Many people are confused by the terms BMI and BCA. BMI stands for ‘body mass index’, while BCA refers to body composition analysis. There is a large degree of overlap, but there are also some key differences between the two. Body mass index, or BMI, for instance, measures your body fat based on your height and current weight. It can be a good baseline to help establish your overall health, but in and of itself, it may not provide enough additional information to help assess health risk factors. A body composition analysis, or BCA, adds more data because it takes into account the percentage of lean muscle and how it is distributed.

Studies have shown that even though BMI does provide some helpful information, it is less helpful than body composition. In other words, how and where you carry excess weight is also an important factor. It can also be used to help determine your likelihood of developing certain diseases, such as adult onset, or type II diabetes. Carrying weight around your abdomen, for instance, increases your risk for heart disease. The trick is not simply to cut out all calories and lose weight. The simple truth is that not all weight is created equal. Some weight is caused by lean, metabolically active tissues, while other weight comes from adipose tissue (fat).


At SynergenX Health, we understand the critical interplay between weight and overall health. We proudly offer exquisitely precise body mass (BMI) and body composition analysis (BCA) using the advanced InBody 570 system. The InBody 570 Body Composition Analyzer machine is so sophisticated, it can analyze precisely how much body fat and muscle mass you have, while simultaneously determining water levels. And it does it all in under a minute!

All you need to do is stand in place on the device for a quick, painless, and accurate measurement. The system does not require any pinching, dunking, statistical data or equations. The system works by sending a safe, low level of electrical current through your body as you stand on the platform holding the handles. The system then measures the specific amount of resistance generated by your body, calculating your exact BMI and BCA.

Once completed, the machine generates an easy to read data sheet detailing your specific values. The system is so advanced, it can even help identify areas of inflammation and injury. All of which aids us in creating a tailor-made program that works with your body to get the best possible results. We can pin-point what truly works for your body, rather than relying on a cookie-cutter formula.

We understand how excess weight adversely affects your life, your wellbeing, and your overall happiness. Losing weight on your own can be a lonely and challenging process. The truth is you are not doomed to fail. We can help you get from where you are, to where you want to be. And it all starts with a detailed view of your body mass and composition.

If you, or a loved one would like to know more about body mass index (BMI) or Body Composition Analysis (BCA), please call us at (833) 387-6737 today, or use our convenient online form. At SynergenX Health, we provide sophisticated care for hormone replacement, weight management, as well as cosmetic and other aesthetic services.