Saliva Testing: What it can tell you about your hormones?

Saliva Testing: What it can tell you about your hormones?

by Shearly (SU)

Women produce a complex array of hormones besides the commonly known hormone estrogen, such as progesterone, estradiol, human growth factor (HGH), DHEA-S and even testosterone. The specific levels of hormones can and does change over time and at different life stages like peri-menopause, menopause or during pregnancy. As you age the natural levels of female hormones shift, creating a variety of symptoms such as hot flashes, mood changes and irritability, night sweats, vaginal dryness, sleep disturbances, increased chance of osteoporosis and heart attacks. HRT, or hormone replacement therapy, can help many women regulate and maintain their hormone levels. In many cases a simple saliva test can determine how much and which specific hormone levels may be out of balance.

Saliva Testing for Hormones with a Female Hormone Panel

Testing your hormones is the first step to determining what your levels are. Saliva tests are both simple and painless. While saliva tests are considered accurate, additional blood tests may also be required to help pinpoint exactly where your hormone levels are so that a treatment program can be designed for your unique needs and symptoms.

Some providers use saliva testing for certain hormones such as cortisol, but may prefer serum testing for a more accurate measurement of others. Others rely heavily on saliva testing to determine levels of FSH (Follicle-Stimulating Hormone) in women who report mood shifts, trouble sleeping, hot flashes, or other menopausal symptoms. The levels of FSH can vary greatly in the decade preceding complete menopause.

Once your hormone levels have been tested, your doctor can prescribe the right combination of supplements, vitamins, and a hormone replacement plan if required. Many women are startled by the difference that hormone replacement therapy makes, as their symptoms may have been vague before testing. If you are feeling tired, run down, or battling mood changes, depression, night sweats, loss of sex drive, weight gain, or hot flashes, ask your doctor if a saliva or blood test is right for you.

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